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Almost 80% victims of accidents hesitate to make a claim as they feared that it may involve a lot of money. The fact is, it doesn’t cost much to make such a claim. With the appropriate guidance from accident claims lawyers, you can make a claim as sooner as possible. Claims solicitors have enough and years of experience in handling various kinds of injury claims cases. If you or someone known to you has suffered an injury, then you can make a claim.

The expertise lawyers will guide you through the necessary process of making the claim. You might have being a victim of a personal injury or involved in a road traffic accident, suffered injuries at the workplace. Whatever the causes of such accident, you can get appropriate compensation for the losses being suffered. The claims solicitors have helped many victims of accident get compensation in a short period of time. An experienced legal team will render assistant towards ensuring that you get the necessary claims as sooner as possible.No win No fee injury compensation claim company can help you get suitable compensation in a short while.

All matter relating to claims case is unique while its only an experienced claims solicitor can guide you with the claims procedure. They have diverse knowledge in handling various types of claims cases. No win no fee claims procedure is a simple way of making a claim. You don’t need to pay any fee to the solicitor to make the necessary claim on your behalf.As a result of eventuality that it happen that you lose the claims case, the claims solicitor will pay the entire expenses.

No win no fee injury compensation is quite known among claims experts. If you wish to know more about these types of claims cases,read further:

History Behind No Win No Fee Claims Procedure:


No win no fee arrangements came fully into effect in 1998 when Legal Aid was withdrawn for accident claims and was replaced by the conditional fee scheme. The basis of a conditional agreement (CFA) is that the solicitor is only entitled to be paid provided he wins the case. This also includes that the payment be made by the losers or their insurance company and does not come out of any award of compensation. The solicitor will not be able to charge from either the third party or his own client if a no win no fee case is lost. He will have to write them off.

What else? The personal injury solicitors will also not ask you to pay for any insurance policy, medical reports, medical records or court fees and will finance all expenses. The compensation will be paid in full with no deductions. This type of claims procedure is also a risk free option.

FAQ’s About Injury Compensation Claims

In order to file for an injury compensation claim the claimant should be aware about a few things before he or she files for compensation. This article will answer your questions and clear your doubts related to filing an injury compensation claim for road accidents, work accidents and trip or slips.

Question #1 – What documents do I need to file an Injury Compensation Claim?

The documents you will need will depend on the type of the accident. For road accidents you will need a copy of the police report along with your insurance information. For all other accidents you will need documents that suggested that you have spent a certain amount due to the accident. These documents can include hospital bills and receipts, hospital discharge papers and auto repair shop bills and receipts.

Question #2 – What is the Time Limit to File an Injury Compensation Claim?

In most cases the claimant is allowed to file for compensation within 3 years from the date of the accident but in certain cases the claimant is given extra time. An instance where a claimant is given extra time is if the claimant has internal injuries or an illness due to working at a certain place and he does not realize for a while that he is affected adversely due to work.

Question #3- Why is it Advised to File a Claim within 1 or 2 months of the Accident?

The main reason claimants are advised to file for compensation soon is because if the claimant waits for a year or two then he can forget important information related to the claim. In any case the claimant should note down all important details in case after an accident occurs so that he does not forget any important information while he files for compensation.

Question #4 – Can I File a Claim without A Solicitor?

It is possible to file a claim without a solicitor but the main reason people opt for legal services is because solicitors have the required legal knowledge to help claimants get 100 percent compensation. Since solicitors do not charge for their legal services under the no win no fee policy, the claimant does not lose any money even if he loses the case. By hiring a solicitor the claimant only increases his chances of getting compensated for his injuries along with lost wages if applicable.

Question #5- Where Can I Find a Solicitor to Help me With My Injury Compensation Claim?

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