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Car driven into Glasgow International Airport

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Glasgow International Airport in Renfrewshire, Scotland was evacuated after a green Jeep Cherokee struck the airport’s terminal building and burst into flames at 1511 BST.

An eyewitness told the BBC that “[A] man was on fire.” All flights are grounded, and two men have been arrested and the United Kingdom has raised the national threat level to “critical” which means another terror attack is imminent.

Eyewitnesses described a Jeep speeding toward the building with flames coming out from underneath. They also reported seeing two Asian men in the car, one of whom was on fire.

We saw a green Cherokee drive straight into the front door of the airport but it got jammed. They were obviously trying to get it further inside the airport as the wheels were spinning and smoke was coming from them. One of the men, I think it was the driver, brought out a plastic petrol canister and poured it under the car. He then set light to it.

The BBC quoted an eyewitness as saying that two attempts were made to ram the Jeep through the wall, and that the passenger was holding a lit Molotov Cocktail and made several attempts to throw the bottle.

The Strathclyde Police Chief announced that the event is being linked to the earlier attempted car bombings in London, and as such is being treated as a terrorist investigation.

Eyewitnesses are now saying that one of the two men was pouring bottles of petrol into the car’s interior and onto himself, before running from the car, on fire, into the main terminal building. Witnesses have also reported that gas cylinders were removed by bystanders from the burning vehicle.

According to the BBC, the driver of the vehicle put up a violent struggle before being overpowered by the police and public. One person who tackled him was Stephen Clarkson, a member of the public.

Richard Gray, an eyewitness to the event, stated “There was an Asian guy who was pulled out of the car by two police officers.”

Seven people have been taken to local hospitals with injuries.

Police said that this incident was a deliberate attempt and not a road accident. Officials have also said that the incident is connected to earlier attempted car bombings in London the day before.

Two people have been arrested, one of whom was badly burned. Seven known casualties, including the Asian male have been taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley.

While the suspect was being treated in the hospital, a suspect device was discovered in the hospital, resulting in the partial evacuation of the building while the device was moved to a safe area. This object later turned out to be mundane, although initial reports believed it to be a suicide belt.

The first duty of the Government is the security and safety of all the British people, So it is right to raise the levels of security at airports and in crowded places in the light of the heightened threat. I know that the British people will stand together: united, resolute and strong.

The BBC announced that the Prime Minister is being kept fully informed. He chaired a meeting of Civil Contingencies Committee (COBRA) at 1900 (BST), after which the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, announced that the national threat level been elevated from “Severe” to “Critical”, meaning another attack is expected “imminently.”

Officials at Edinburgh Airport have said that all cars are being turned away from the airport, and at Heathrow in London, passengers are being advised not to bring private cars near to the terminal buildings. Some passengers were kept waiting in planes while the area was secured.

The first bomber, who was taken to Govan high security prison, has now been interviewed, though no further statements from Strathclyde police have been forthcoming. The second bomber, who was taken to the Royal Alexandria hospital in Paisley, is listed in critical condition tonight, and is being kept under 24-hour guard.

2,300 passengers who were due to set off from Glasgow Airport today have been driven by coach to a conference centre, where a reception area has been set up for them.

Two people were arrested by The Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist Branch on the M6 motorway in Cheshire in connection with the Glasgow International Airport attack and attempted London car bombings.

The Prime Minister Gordon Brown is expected to hold another COBRA meeting with other members of the Cabinet today. This will be the fifth COBRA meeting in 48 hours.

Police Incident Room

The public inquiry number for the Strathclyde Police is: 0800 056 0944
Anti-Terrorist Hotline Number

For providing information to authorities about terrorist activities, contact the anti-terrorism hotline at: 0800 789 321
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WMAQ reporter Amy Jacobson leaves job following controversial video

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WMAQ-TV NBC 5 Chicago announced yesterday that reporter Amy Jacobson was leaving her job after being videotaped in a bikini with her two sons at the home of Craig Stebic. Jacobson has been covering the story of Stebic’s wife Lisa, who has been missing since April 30.

Jacobson says that she took her children on a social visit on her day off, following an invitation from Stebic’s family.

Jacobson has reported at WMAQ for the last ten years.

The video of her at Craig Stebic’s home was either taken by or given to CBS 2 WBBM-TV Chicago, the CBS affiliate. The entire six minute video of Jacobson is available at cbs2chicago.com.

The WMAQ President and General Manager Larry Wert stated “Amy has been one of our most valued reporters for over ten years The decision to part ways has been a difficult one. We wish her the very best.”

Speaking with WGN Radio on Wednesday morning, Jacobson described WBBM-TV’s releasing of the video a “cheap shot”.

She told Spike O’Dell that she is sickened by the entire ordeal and may pursue legal action against the people who took the video of her at Craig Stebic’s house. Jacobson said her attorney told her it is illegal to videotape people on private property and she said she “is looking at all of her legal options.”

A press release was sent to the WMAQ-TV Newsroom staff on July 10, 2007.

Jacobson came to WMAQ-TV in 1996 from Fox affiliate WJBK located in Detroit. Jacobson is a native of Mount Prospect. She began her career at KSAX and also worked in El Paso and Tucson, AZ. She started at WMAQ as a freelance reporter and moved up to general assignment reporter. She and her husband have two children and live on the north side of Chicago.

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By Sydney Dinsmore

Glen and Sydney have to rise early to partake in a phone call that happens each morning. This call is presented by the Vise President of marketing with carbon copy pro. He doesn’t have to do the “Wake up call” each day, but he does because he truly cares about people. Each morning he has a motivating and inspiring message to get people off to a great start for the day.

This morning his message started with a question. Are we living in fear or faith? Is fear what guides people through their days or is it faith? Both emotions are a product of something we can’t really see or feel. Both are emotions based on an event that hasn’t even happened yet. Of course if a person is standing in the face of a threat, a grizzly bear or rattle snake, that fear is real. In that case the options are to fight or run. But having fear of pursuing your dreams and goals for some unknown reason isn’t real. Faith is more about having a belief that something will happen based on events that have come to pass. In this way, faith is more real than fear.

YouTube Preview Image

But why then are some people able to wake up each morning and live first in faith rather than fear. To see the glass half full rather than half empty? Perhaps it’s what they’ve learned from their past or maybe they have an ability to make it a choice, the choice to let faith guide them each day rather than allowing fear to take control. What drives your day to day actions? Have you been able to make the choice to have faith guide you or is it fear? The award for letting fear take control is more fear. The award for allowing faith to guide your day is whatever you want, your goals and dreams. Living in faith reaps a life of award; living in fear is not only emotionally draining but puts one on the edge of insanity. Fear causes an obstacle between you and your dreams and goals. But really, fear is just imagination run wild and it isn’t real, it doesn’t exist.

We have a choice to make. We can cast fear out of our minds and decide to persist to achieve what we want based on an emotion that has nothing real behind it. Or we can have faith, based on events that have come to pass and are real. What are your obstacles you need to knock down? Open the doors that you’re afraid to open. Step through and realize that you can persevere to achieve the good you want in your life.

Entrepreneurs have an ability to lead others by their example and push through fear. Today, make a difference in the world and show others that this is just a simple mind shift. Make the decision to push fear out of your life and take control of your future in faith. When you join Carbon Copy Pro, you will learn skills that you can use in your life to help others and you will be able to take control of what you want with a step by step system other entrepreneurs just like you are looking for. You won’t ever have to beg an employer to but you to work for long hours and low pay again. You become your own boss and can finally take control of your life.

About the Author: Sydney and her husband Glen enjoy being in nature, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and camping.They’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit that drove them to find a business they could work from home. However they both had good jobs that held them firmly in their comfort zone.The problem was they didn’t have the freedom they wanted to do what they love and enjoy. Here is more information on the solution they found to give them the freedom they craved.Check us out here




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Banned Chinese medicine still on sale in United Kingdom

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Chinese medicine which was banned over 10 years ago is still on sale in the United Kingdom. Jingzhi Kesou Tan Chaun Wan was banned in July 1999 after it was revealed that the pills can cause cancer. Over 900 bottles are currently circulated around the UK.

The distributor of the pills, Ekong International (UK) Ltd., recalled the medicine last month, but only received a quarter of the shipment back. The pills are sold in white bottles with approximately 180 pills per pack.

The shipment of the banned medicine arrived from China with an English label placed over the original Chinese version with the symbol for Aristolochia, a banned and highly dangerous toxic genus of plants.

Head of herbal policy at the MHRA, Richard Woodfield released a statement saying that “Aristolochia is a highly toxic plant that can cause serious injury and even death if taken. I would strongly advise anyone who has used this product to stop taking it and to immediately consult their doctor.”

Last month a criminal court in Britain heard how a woman developed cancer and kidney failure after taking pills containing Aristolochia.

British Airways enters merger talks with Iberia

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British Airways enters merger talks with Iberia
Author: RdBXvzh4

21 Feb

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

United Kingdom flag carrier British Airways (BA) has entered into merger talks with Spanish airline Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana SA. BA is already Europe’s third-largest airline.

The proposed all-share merger of BA and Iberia, meanwhile, is approved by the boards of both companies. BA already holds a 13.15% stake in Iberia, while Iberia have a 2.99% holding in BA. British Airways has been increasing its holdings in Iberia since 1999, from an initial 9% to the current 13.15%. Under the proposed deal, the airlines would go to a holding company and the new firm would be listed on both the FTSE 100 and the Madrid stock exchange.

“A merger would be good news for our customers and enhance our existing relationship,” said Chairman of the Iberia board, Fernando Conte. Additionally, BA and Iberia have been in talks with American Airlines about a potential cross-atlantic joint venture.

Both companies also say they feel confident they will get the European Union’s approval that the deal needs for it to go ahead. BA and Iberia are partners under the Oneworld airline alliance and already have a codeshare agreement.

“The aviation landscape is changing and airline consolidation is long overdue,” said BA CEO Willie Walsh. “The combined balance sheet, anticipated synergies and network fit between the airlines make a merger an attractive proposition, particularly in the current economic environment.”

Last Friday, BA completed its purchase of French airline L’Avion, a two-plane airline that flies business class between Paris and Newark. L’Avion will merge fully with BA subsidiary OpenSkies by 2009. Both offer transatlantic flights from Paris.

Lower Your Heating &Amp; Cooling Bills With Replacement Windows

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By Liz Wood

The cost of energy is on an uphill slope and will most likely continue to rise for sometime now. For this reason, homeowners are incessantly looking for ways to optimize the energy efficiency of their homes. There are several ways to accomplish this, but one of the most common ways includes installing replacement windows. New replacement windows, such as vinyl replacement windows, can help to increase the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system.

Some homeowners worry that the cost of replacement windows will put them over their budget. In certain cases this may be true, but if you decide to install vinyl replacement windows you should be fine in the cost department. Vinyl replacement windows are relatively low in cost. They happen to be the least expensive option when it comes to buying replacement windows. In fact, all it takes is a few short seasons for the windows to pay for themselves in energy savings. Make sure to invest in a widow that has a moderate to high R-value because these windows can save the average homeowner anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars in heating and cooling costs.

YouTube Preview Image

There are many ways for homeowners to tell when its time for them to invest in replacement windows. The most obvious sign would be a drafty window. If you can literally feel the cold air reaching your skin when you stand near your window, you definitely have a problem. Other signs include deterioration such as worn caulking, broken frames, scratched glass and so forth. Over the years you will start to notice the appearance and function of your windows beginning to weaken. Eventually your old windows will start to make your home look unattractive. Furthermore, old windows can be difficult or impossible to operate.

There are quite a few different window styles and designs available as replacement windows. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Depending on your personal taste and your budget, windows can be simple or they can be customized with designer grills, unique shapes or the glass can be textured or colored. Getting creative with the glass, such as stained glass windows, is a great way to add style and flare to your windows, while also personalizing them. Standard styles of windows are available in many options as well.

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replacement windows

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vinyl replacement windows

visit www.ReplacementWindowsKey.com



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2010 Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure becomes world’s largest Komen race

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2010 Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure becomes world’s largest Komen race
Author: RdBXvzh4

21 Feb

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 2010 Susan G. Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure, held earlier today in St. Louis, Missouri, became the world’s largest Race for the Cure, with over 71,000 participants.

2010 marks the twelfth year for the race in St. Louis, which raises money for breast cancer research nationwide. Originally brought to the city in 1999, it has raised over US$19 million. It was sponsored by Wells Fargo Advisors, a locally-headquartered brokerage firm of the financial services provider Wells Fargo. Nationally, the Race for the Cure is hosted by Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a non-profit organization supporting breast cancer research.

In 1999, there were only about 10,000 participants in the St. Louis Race for the Cure. In recent years, the number has grown to over 60,000, and today’s 5K race saw over 71,000 runners, walkers, and wheelchair racers. Despite the heat and humidity, 1,090 teams signed up, and over 4,500 breast cancer survivors participated. Overall, the race raised more than US$3.3 million. A phone bank set up by Wells Fargo and local television station KSDK contributed over US$28,000 of that amount in four hours.

Prior to the race, there was a parade of all the breast cancer survivors who had signed up for the race. The actual competition began at 8:30 a.m. CDT (1330 UTC) with the wheelchair race. Following them were the timed runners, the untimed runners, the walkers, and lastly, the “fun walk” participants, who had only opted to walk one mile (1.6 kilometres).

The Komen St. Louis Race for the Cure is only one of many Races for the Cure, which is the largest group of 5K runs and walks in the world. The first Komen race was held in 1983 in Dallas, Texas, but has since spread to over 140 cities throughout the world. Proceeds from today’s St. Louis race will benefit both local institutions and the rest of the United States. At least 25 percent of the money raised will go toward funding national research on breast cancer, while the rest will be given to organizations in St. Louis for breast cancer awareness programs.

Yahoo chooses Dublin as location of new European Headquarters

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Yahoo chooses Dublin as location of new European Headquarters
Author: RdBXvzh4

21 Feb

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dublin – Yahoo!, the internet portal, today announced it has chosen Dublin, Ireland as the location of its European Headquarters. Ireland beat off stiff competition from other European countries to win the investment. The move is expected to create over 400 jobs – two thirds of which are expected to be for graduates with skills in information technology, financial services, customer support and website editorial.

Earlier in the month, Ireland lost a potentially multi-billion euro investment by Dell for a new manufacturing facility to Scotland. This was a huge disappointment for IDA Ireland – the countries main development agency – which had offered heavy incentives to the US computer maker. This brought about fears that Ireland had lost its ability to attract high-value investments from foreign multinationals – the driving force of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger economy.

Speaking about the investment, the Irish Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Micheál Martin, said winning the Yahoo project was a “truly outstanding achievement for Ireland”. Yahoo’s Senior Vice President International, John Marcom, said the decision to locate its European operations headquarters in Ireland was influenced by a “number of factors” which included “the calibre and volume of graduates available in Ireland, the up to date cost competitive telecommunications and data centre infrastructure, and the assistance of IDA Ireland.”

Yahoo is one of the world’s largest internet companies. Its decision to locate in Ireland confirms Dublin’s continued attractiveness to internet and technology companies – Google, Bell Labs, eBay, Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle all have significant Irish operations.


Building collapses in Manhattan

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Building collapses in Manhattan
Author: RdBXvzh4

21 Feb

Monday, July 10, 2006

New York City — A four-story building on 62nd Street in Manhattan collapsed after an explosion Monday. Both the White House and New York Fire Department have said the explosion was not caused by a terrorist attack. The New York Fire Department said that the owner of the building, Dr. Nicholas Bartha, might have deliberately caused the explosion in a suicide attempt after a difficult divorce.

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

According to the latest reports, five people were injured by the blast, one of whom was hospitalised in critical condition. An additional ten firefighters were injured in the following rescue operation. No deaths have been reported.

Most sources give the cause as a natural gas leak that ignited; a ConEd spokesperson said that someone had reported a gas leak to them about one and a half hours before the explosion took place. The resulting fire, which began in the basement, burned strongly for some time, but was later brought under control by firefighters.

Numerous people described the shockwave from the blast as being similar to an earthquake.

Watch These Hot Trends In Massage Therapy

Watch These Hot Trends in Massage Therapy by The Sider GroupThere are currently so many hot trends in massage therapy. If you are passionate about massage and other healing arts, there are plenty of emerging movements to keep your eye on. The following are some of the hottest massage therapy trends of the moment:Aromatherapy: Everyone loves things that smell good, which is perhaps why this is such a trend in the massage and body work world right now. Practitioners can use essential oils from plant parts to help restore the body through curative and sensory measures during various massage treatments. Five-Element Massage: This style of massage, which combines the traditional Chinese medicine law of the five elements with Shiatsu and Swedish massage, is growing in popularity. Practitioners also incorporate energy work to give each client a piece of the universal energy force. Hot Stone Massage: Practitioners use hot and cold volcanic stones to relieve pain, pressure and tension in the bodies and minds of clients. Reiki: This energetic healing practice relies on the concept of elemental energy forces from traditional Chinese medicine to heal the body. Massage therapists barely touch their clients; instead, they use energy work to amplify, balance and create a link with the client. Sport Massage: This style of massage focuses on the parts of the body that are overused in sports such as cycling, swimming and running, with techniques that relieve the specific pain and tension that are common with each sport. Thai Massage: More and more people are getting Thai-style massages, which combine acupressure and other techniques. Practitioners apply pressure to the arms, back, feet, hands and legs to fix misaligned skeletons, improve flexibility and relieve muscle tension. Watsu: This form of Shiatsu massage was developed by Harold Dull in the hot springs of Middleton, California in the 1980s. More than 20 years later it is taking off as a popular treatment in spas. The technique consists of traditional Japanese Shiatsu with the additional element of water pools that the clients soak in while the massage therapist massages and stretches the body. Find best massage school and massage therapy programs on MassageSchoolsU.com and start your path to a rewarding career. MassageSchoolsU.com is an online education resource providing information about top massage schools of USA and Canada that are offering massage degree programs in various disciplines.Article Source: eArticlesOnline.com

YouTube Preview Image