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  • 20 May 2018: Hawaii’s K?lauea volcano releases ash plumes to 30,000 feet, prompting aviation alerts
  • 25 January 2018: Healthy cloned monkeys born in Shanghai
  • 17 January 2018: British surfers catch more than waves: Scientists find antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • 15 December 2017: England: Baby born with heart outside body operated on; surviving, three weeks after birth
  • 20 October 2017: Arrangement of light receptors in the eye may cause dyslexia, scientists say
  • 27 July 2017: Publisher withdraws book about Nelson Mandela’s final days after family complaint
  • 28 April 2017: Shrink-wrapped sheep survive: Researchers say ‘Biobag’ artificial uterus, successful on lambs, may one day be suitable for use on premature human babies
  • 16 April 2017: Canada to legalise marijuana to ‘make it more difficult for kids to access’
  • 27 March 2017: Numerous home pregnancy tests recalled after false negative results reported
  • 9 March 2017: Scientists say excess cerebrospinal fluid may serve as early sign of autism

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Grand National winning horse ‘Comply or Die’ dies, aged 17

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Comply or Die, the racehorse who won the 2008 Grand National has died at the age of 17. His death was announced by his former trainer, David Pipe. He died over at the weekend in Gloucestershire, where he had been staying with jockey Timmy Murphy. He was cremated on Monday and his ashes will return to Murphy.

Murphy was the jockey in the saddle when Comply or Die won the 2008 Grand National. Speaking to the Press Association, he spoke about the horse’s death. He said, “He was part of the furniture at home so it’s very sad. He gave me the greatest day of my career, obviously that can never be taken away. He paraded at Cheltenham and Aintree and was getting ready to do some dressage in the summer. I’m not actually sure how he died, to be honest, but it wasn’t nice to come home to. He was cremated on Monday. He was a happy horse and he was also very clever.”

During his racing career he made £798,809 in prize-money after winning a total of eight races.

The 2008 Grand National victory was his greatest achievement and he almost matched it when he came second place in 2009. He retired in 2011 but remained active, often being paraded at race grounds such as Aintree and Cheltenham. He also participated in some hunting activities. Pipe said, “Since his retirement he had been a lead-horse at Timmy Murphy’s establishment before trying his hand at dressage, a discipline in which he had proven very successful”.

Tributes have been paid to Comply or Die on social media by horse racing fans with several tweeting their appreciation and memories.

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Bell Canada Enterprises might be taken private

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), one of Canada’s largest telecommunications companies, announced Tuesday that it is in talks with a consortium of Canadian pension funds to explore the possible sale of the company.

If successful in their bid, the consortium would take the publicly-traded company private, which would mean an end to the trading of BCE shares on the Toronto (TSX: BCE), New York (NYSE: BCE) and the Swiss (SWX: BCE) stock exchanges. BCE is one of the most widely held stocks in Canada.

BCE revealed that the potential takeover group includes the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, and Canada’s Public Sector Pension Investment Board. Each of the pension funds involved have signed non-disclosure and standstill agreements with BCE. It was also revealed that New York-based private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) would join the Canadian-led consortium as a minority partner.

“We are pleased to be a partner with this consortium of leading Canadian institutional fund managers and look forward to working closely together in this transaction.” said Henry Kravis, co-founding member of KKR. “Our experience in large, complex transactions of comparable size will be of significant value to this process,” continued Kravis.

BCE is also leaving the door open to rival bids, “taking into consideration the need to meet all legislative and regulatory requirements, including ensuring the Company remains Canadian to meet existing foreign ownership restrictions,” the company stated. In addition, BCE may retain the status quo if it does not receive a bid that it feels would enhance shareholder value.

One other pension fund that has expressed interest is the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP). “We are pleased that this process is not exclusive and we will continue to review our options, including leading an alternative Canadian consortium,” said Jim Leech, Senior Vice-President, Teachers’ Private Capital. OTPP is currently BCE’s largest single shareholder, with an approximate ownership stake of 5.3 percent.

BCE, as Bell Canada, has been in business for 127 years. It provides phone service, satellite television, Internet access, wireless services, and other technologies to residential and business customers.

If analyst estimates are accurate, the sale of BCE could be worth about CA$32 billion or roughly $40 per share. On Tuesday, BCE shares were up CA$2.34 to close at $38.60 on the TSX, and up US$2.03 to close at $34.10 on the NYSE.

US clinic plans first face transplant

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US clinic plans first face transplant
Author: RdBXvzh4

20 Jun

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

US doctors are to interview 12 patients with a view to performing the first ever transplant of a human face.

The Cleveland Clinic will choose between seven women and five men to find the person most suited for the experimental procedure, which is a radical and controversial solution to extreme facial scarring or disfigurement.

Having practiced the procedure on bodies donated for medical research, the Cleveland Clinic team believe they have a 50% chance of success. The procedure will not live up to science-fiction predictions and give the recipient the appearance of the donor; the underlying bone structure is the deciding factor in the final appearance. The new face will end up resembling neither the donor nor recipient.

Surgeons in several other countries have announced being ready to perform this procedure in the past. However, the risk and non life-threatening nature of disfigurement have meant that gaining approval for the groundbreaking surgery has been difficult. Like many other transplant operations, the recipient would be required to take drugs to prevent tissue rejection for the remainder of their life. These drugs can have side effects and carry their own risks involving the patient’s immune system.

Importance Of Multiple Pay In/Pay Out System In Affiliate Marketing}

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Importance of Multiple Pay In/Pay out System in Affiliate Marketing




In the Admin user network, one of the most vital objects is taking special care regarding the secured payment gateway for affiliate user and advertiser user. The affiliate user is more concerns concerning the getting payment from admin in terms of conditions of every successful campaigning. A SaaS based platform provides to the admin a vigorous highly secured payout system, which lets the advertiser user to pay to admin against the condition of successful promoting of advertiser users advertisements. Apart from this admin can set up from a basic offer with a pay in and payout to determine regarding the payout amount to the affiliate user.

Multiple Payout Types

The payout value is the amount that admin are paying to the affiliate for each conversion that they sent to the network. Through this awesome feature admin can choose different types of pay out, like CPL, Fixed Rate Hybrid (CPS+CPC), Revenue Shared and Tiered. It enhances marketing opportunities through lot of affiliates.

Different Currency for Payout

Usually the network is working in US Dollars and assume business partner like one affiliate working in Euros and another affiliate working in Indian Rupees. In this aspect this feature gives you control over preferred currency payout. So Euro using affiliate gets commission in Euro and INR using affiliate gets commission in Indian Rupees.

Multiple Pay In Types

The revenue is the amount that you are collecting from the advertiser of the offer. The advertiser can choose different PayIn types easily.

Different Currency for Pay In

Admin can select different currency which they will obtain from the advertiser.

Salient Features

1. User can select the customized dates [Start and End dates] respectively for a payin/payout.

2. User can create multiple payin or payout types for a particular offer.

3. User can also create custom currency for the particular payin/payout which will only be applicable for the particular payin/payout.

Payout/ Payin Types:

Revenue per Conversion/Cost per Conversion (RPA/CPA):

This is a flat payout that has-been paid when the offer conversion pixel/post back is levied on the offer has been completed. This is the most common payout method for offers.


YouTube Preview Image

Revenue per Sale/Cost per Sale (RPS/CPS):

This will show as pre-mentioned percentage of the sale of a conversion. When this revenue or payout has been set, the offer pixel/post back will include a sale amount parameter that admin user will pass the total sale amount from the sale that the affiliate was attributed to, and the offer will calculate the revenue and payout of the conversion.

Revenue/Cost per Conversion plus Revenue/Cost per Sale:

With this option, admin user is setting a flat revenue/payout as well as specifying a percentage of a sale amount on top of that. This is essentially a combo of the two above payout types.

Revenue per Click/Cost per Click (RPC/CPC):

Instead of paying out on conversion, the admin user can also set a flat revenue/payout on click, and each unique click will receive a payout. For these types of the offer, you dont need a conversion pixel since the payout occurs at the click, but conversions can still be tracked and will appear in the conversion report.

Revenue Per Thousand Impression/ Cost Per Thousand Impression (RPM/CPM):

If admin user is showing interest in tracking impressions instead of clicks and conversions, this option would have been set to payout for every 1000 impressions. For this, to make it effective, the affiliate would have been needed to use the impression pixel provided for them in the offer to track impression.

Revenue Per Lead/ Cost Per Lead (RPL/CPL):

This payout and revenue type is same as Revenue Per Conversion/ Cost Per Conversion.

Fixed Rate (FR):

This payout and revenue amount will be fixed for duration independent of the quantity of click, conversion, impression or sale. There will be a field named Amount where the user will input the value. In Invoices and Reports this will be calculated irrespective of the quantity. If any Invoice is created in between the date range provided for this type the amount will be calculated dividing the mentioned amount with the number of days. In next Invoice the remaining will be calculated proportionately.

Revenue Per Sale/ Cost Per Sale(RPS/CPS):

In this type of payout and revenue, there will be a field named Cost Percent of Sale where the user will provide the percent value which is to be calculated on the transaction amount during creation of invoices.


In this type of payout and revenue, the user can select any of the payout or revenue type (CPM, CPA, CPC) along with CPS. The amount will be calculated by adding both of them.


In this type of payout and revenue, there will be ranges of the absolute payout against which a rate will be provided. For example if a user selects Tiered payout he will be provided with dropdown of absolute payout (CPA, CPC, CPM and CPS). On selecting any of the given options he will be provided with the options to add slabs which will contain the following fields:

Tier Name



Rate or Percentage


A SaaS based performance marketing application also known as Adwalnut builds on Google App Engine provides all the aforesaid features quite conveniently. If you want to enhance your sales by blending affiliate tracking system on your online business that you have, Adwalnut a SaaS based application will provide you with efficient and trustworthy affiliate solution provider that will help you to scrutinize your affiliate activities in an easy way. For more details please visit http://www.adwalnut.com.

What Clients Say About Us

We were looking for Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution. Adwalnut provides robust Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution. By using this application now we can able to track traffic on any cookie or cookie-less device. Adwalnuts Server to Server Cookie-less tracking solution is accurate and reliable. Its the kind of application that is taking our business to a different level.

” Craig Adams, Client Relationship, WDS Media

With Adwalnut, we are able to manage our campaigns more efficiently. The complete system let us have a complete view of all data, which allows us to manage our advertisers and affiliates in real time reporting.

” Manish Singh, Business Director, Performance Metrics Solutions

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5) Implications of Affiliate Billing Report in Affiliate Marketing.

6) Significance of Affiliate Alert in Affiliate Marketing.

7) A View of Hosting Images Separately While Using Email Creative on SaaS Based Application.

8) 14 Smart and Latest Features of SaaS Based Application That Facilitate To Optimize Affiliate Marketing

9) Server to Server Cookie-Less Tracking Helps to Reduce Affiliate Fraud in Affiliate Marketing.

10) The Proper Use of Voucher Code Helps to Drive Sales in Affiliate Marketing

11) Effective Tips on Accuracy of Tracking Which Surely Boost Your Affiliate Marketing

12) How Affiliate Marketing Aids Your Business to Grow to the Next Level.

13) Appropriate Use of Custom Variables Make Your Affiliate Business Dream Simplified.

14) Know the Importance of URL Masking in Affiliate Marketing

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Arnab Dutta (M.Sc (IT), B.A English, Diploma in Advanced Software Development)Technical Content Specialist, Blogger, Social Media Executive and Digital Marketing Professional (Affiliate Marketing) arnabadwalnut@gmail.comAdwalnut.com.

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Category:Science and technology

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Category:Science and technology
Author: RdBXvzh4

20 Jun

This is the category for science and technology.

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  • 10 June 2018: New study of endangered whale shark youth shows vital habitat similarities
  • 6 June 2018: Microsoft announces plan to acquire GitHub for US$7.5 billion
  • 7 May 2018: NASA’s InSight lander and MarCO craft launch in new mission to Mars
  • 21 April 2018: NASA launches exoplanet-hunting satellite TESS
  • 9 April 2018: US Republicans query Linux Foundation about open-source security
  • 3 April 2018: China’s Tiangong-1 space station crashes into Pacific
  • 21 March 2018: Uber suspends self-driving car program after pedestrian death in Arizona, United States
  • 17 March 2018: British scientist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76
  • 18 February 2018: Fourth U.S. state governor orders net neutrality in government contracts
  • 7 February 2018: SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasts Elon Musk’s personal Tesla into solar orbit
?Category:Science and technology

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676,000 Canadian census forms unfilled countrywide

" href="http://www.jatuse.com/676000-canadian-census-forms-unfilled-countrywide/" rel="bookmark">
676,000 Canadian census forms unfilled countrywide
Author: RdBXvzh4

20 Jun

Monday, July 31, 2006

Currently there are 676,000 Canada 2006 Census forms unfilled countrywide following the May 16 census, a large number for Alberta and British Columbia. Canada operates a mandatory census, requiring all citizens to participate or face court action, a $500 CAD fine and/or three months imprisonment.

Census workers are coming to citizens’ houses and asking them to fill them out. “We’ll keep following up until we get them; it’s just costing taxpayers lots and lots of money for us to keep doing it,” said Lisa Gibbons from Statistics Canada.

“The census provides a snapshot of the country as a whole and of individual provinces, and each community and how it compares with where it was five years ago,” said Gibbons.

English Football: Chelsea F.C. sack Grant

" href="http://www.jatuse.com/english-football-chelsea-f-c-sack-grant/" rel="bookmark">
English Football: Chelsea F.C. sack Grant
Author: RdBXvzh4

20 Jun

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chelsea F.C. fired Manager Avram Grant today. This comes three days after Chelsea lost to Manchester United F.C. in the 2008 UEFA Champions League Final in Moscow. Grant’s tenure has been scrutinized ever since he took over for Jose Mourinho last September.

Despite the constant questioning of his appointment as Manager of the first team, he was able to guide Chelsea F.C. in taking Manchester United to the final day of the Premier League title race after going level on points and narrowly missing out on European glory on penalties. The club only lost two Premier League matches during his tenure, but he was criticised by fans who claimed that his teams lacked style.

A statement on the club read: “‘Chelsea Football Club can confirm that Avram Grant has had his contract as manager terminated today. This follows meetings over the last two days,” “Everybody at Chelsea FC would like to thank Avram for his contribution since taking over as manager last September,” and “We will now be concentrating all our efforts on identifying a new manager for Chelsea and there will be no further comment until that appointment is made.”

Former Barcelona Head Coach Frank Rijkaard, Inter Milan Head Coach Roberto Mancini and Russia Head Coach Guus Hiddink have all been linked to the position at Chelsea F.C.

Understanding Online Sportsbook Bonus At Onlinesportsbookchief.Com}

Submitted by: Sang Kester

Considering that the internet started inside earlier 1990’s, on the web sportsbooks are actually on the net furnishing a haven for that sports activities bettor to place successful bets. These on the net sportsbooks speedily grew to become an alternate for the Las Vegas casino sportsbooks and present folks without having accessibility to your brick and mortar sportsbook the capacity to site safe and secure sporting bets.

The on the internet betting industry has grown into a globally billion dollar sector. There continues to be 1000’s of sportsbooks that have launched on-line for the reason that advent in the net. Many of people internet sites are no longer energetic on the web. But you will discover a good group of reputable on-line sportsbook manufacturers supplying awesome sports activities betting encounters on the on the internet sports activities bettor. This expansion has made acquiring and retaining sports bettors increasingly extra competitive. You’ll find a number of details you should exploration earlier than deciding on a sportsbook and opening an accounts.

On The Internet Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

You can find incredible chances towards the on-line sports bettor from the form of totally free money when opening a web-based sportsbook accounts. On-Line sportsbooks present a few diverse bonuses to entice bettors to sites sports activities bets at their sportsbooks. Sportsbook deposit bonuses are typically provided in two forms: sign up bonuses and reload bonuses.

YouTube Preview Image

It truly is secure to say that just about every sportsbook online delivers some kind of indication up deposit bonus to all bettors that open an account at their web page. The bonus is normally a selected percentage from the initial deposit which include 20% or much more. This bonus cash is free of charge cash that’s extra in your on-line betting bankroll.

Most top sportsbooks also supply a reload bonus. This kind of bonus is provided to present players which might be adding funds, or reloading, their accounts. These kinds of bonuses are similar to the indicator up deposit bonuses and therefore are generally within the form of a percentage amount deposited.

Bonus Rollovers

On the web sportsbooks will not provide indicator up bonuses and reload bonus only to become great and entice gamers to bet at their website. They assume this money to come again to them inside type of sports bets. To ensure that they don’t lose out on their expense in their gamers, on the web sportsbooks call for you to rollover a selected sum with the bonus earlier than requesting a payout.

To unlock your deposit bonus and withdraw your income you have to very first fulfill the rollover requirement. A rollover is ordinarily a a number of of the bonus for instance 10x. A 10x rollover implies which you ought to wager 10 moments the bonus amount prior to requesting a payout.

This isn’t as undesirable because it appears to be mainly because equally winning and shedding wagers rely toward the rollover requirement. In the event you receive a 20% warning up deposit bonus once you deposited $500, you’ll see a bonus of $hundred. To fulfill the rollover requirement of 10x you are going to have to generate $one,000 in sports bets. This may very well be accomplished by placing 20 $50 bets, 10 $hundred bets or another numerous that equals that fulfillment of rollover requirement. Remember it won’t issue in the event you acquire or lose these bets.

About the Author: Learn how to play Online bingo and increase your chances of winning! Play USA Bingo and visit our website After you choose your


and earn your bonuses, all you have to do is follow a few profitable sports betting principles and you can become a successful sports bettor at





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Security threats directed at US Democrats

" href="http://www.jatuse.com/security-threats-directed-at-us-democrats/" rel="bookmark">
Security threats directed at US Democrats
Author: RdBXvzh4

19 Jun

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is looking into threats made against Democratic members of the US House of Representatives. The threats were directed at members of Congress who supported the recent health care reform legislation.

Virginia’s 5th district representative Tom Perriello’s brother’s home had its gas line cut early Wednesday. Another Democrat, Louise Slaughter of New York’s 28th district, had a brick thrown through her offices window.

House Majority leader Steny Hoyer held a press conference about the threats and multiple instances of vandalism involving the offices of Congresspersons who voted on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Hoyer said that “[t]he incidents of threats whether in person or through telephones or through other communication devices, have given great concern to members, for the safety of themselves and their families.”

House Minority leader John Boehner said that the incidents show the American peoples’ feelings for the new bill, but “violence and threats are unacceptable.” He added, “that’s not the American way, we need to take that anger and channel it into positive change.”