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Jacob Mills

When it comes to young drivers who have little experience in driving a car, it has been observed that they have little knowledge about parking their car safely after reaching their destinations. People do mistakes while parking their cars in the right spot in the parking lot. This is why; we at Todays Driver Driving School located in Toronto have come up with a guideline that can be followed, to not just park your car safely so that the car does not hit other vehicles and get damaged but also to understand that you can avoid certain crimes and criminals lurking in the dark to find a pray. Avoid foul play or ill happenings around you by understanding that parking your car in the right place and in the right way will make a difference.

Some of the ways in which you can avoid incidents of negative manner are listed below

Make sure that you look out for a parking space that is visible to all, never park your car in a place that is not visible to all or is lonesome and abandoned. Some of the types of places one can choose are listed below

o Avoid secluded spaces in the corners, near a bush or tree that does not seem right.

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o Choose a space that is well lit and make sure that it is an open space visible to you and to others as mentioned above.

o See that the space is not cramped up already with parked cars, if the space is a little more, than what your car needs then you will find it easy to be reversed when driving away.

o If in case you plan to park your car in then make it a point to park it as close to well guarded kiosk or near the exit level.

Once you have found out the right space to park your automobile, make sure that you keep all your valuable belonging out of sight and close the doors and windows.

We at Todays Driver Driving School suggest you to make it a point that you pull in the mirrors on the side after you have parked and when leaving make sure than pull it outwards.

Listen carefully to the noises around you before you get out of the car.

If you are parking in a car park, then make sure to that you jot down the level in which you are intending to park your vehicle and also ask about the time when the car park will be closed, so that you can take your car out on time before the car park is closed for the day.

Now that you have parked your car safely in the car park and have also succeeded in moving out to your destination safely, some tips to follow while returning to the car, which is to drive home back are listed below

o Make sure you are already holding the keys in your hand, so that you dont have to dig into your pockets or bag when you are near your car.

o See if your car is fine and in the same condition in which you had left it there. However, try to get in as quickly as possible.

We at Todays Driver driving school based in Toronto, hope that this article will help you be safe and sound no matter where you go.

Jacob Mills, is an author writing on driving, he has been associated with Todays driver

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. Here he writes down a guideline for newbie drivers making them understand how to safe their cars safely.

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