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Handwriting Practice And Pencil Grips}

Submitted by: Sandy Naidu

A Good pencil grip is one of the first steps to developing good handwriting skills. As a parent you can help you child to develop good pencil grip. Correct pencil grip will allow your child to write quickly and smoothly, while a tight or incorrect grip can hinder writing.

The Tripod Pencil Grasp: This pencil grip is the one that is most recommended by schools. The pencil should be positioned so that there is equal pressure between the thumb, the side of the middle finger and the tip of the index finger. All fingers are bent slightly.When a pencil is held correctly, the thumb and forefinger form an oval when a child holds the pencil. Tension in the hand or fingers indicates weak fine motor skills.

You can improve your childs fine motor skills through various writing activities or through other fun activities which involve movement of fingers (like playing with play dough).

We all know alphabets, so why not we just write the alphabets on a sheet of paper and get our children to practice their handwriting?

YouTube Preview Image

If you are thinking like that then you are not alone. However I am sorry to say that it is the wrong approach. We need to practice the alphabets as per the method approved by the education board.

Good handwriting worksheets have numbers and arrows on each alphabet. Good handwriting worksheets have to take a step by step approach. 1? is where you start from – so the child starts at 1? and goes along the direction of the arrow. And then the child goes to 2? and moves along the direction of the arrow next to 2?. And then finally the child goes to 3? and moves along the direction of the arrow next to 3?

One of the other benefits of getting children to practice their handwriting on formal handwriting sheets is that the letters are in between the lines. This way you are teaching them about proportion of the lines. Practice is the best way to improve a child’s writing.

Fine Motor Skills is the ability to control small precise movements with the fingers, wrists and hands. Its important to practice the fine motor skills for young children. These skills play an important role in a child’s handwriting.

Good posture is important and plays a key role in handwriting skills. Bad posture creates stress on young spines. A lowered chin means your neck muscles are carrying the weight and the strain will flow right down the neck and down the back. So dont let your kids slouch.

We have all heard handwriting analysis before. Graphology is the analysis of handwriting particularly in relation human mind. People who have the skills to analyze handwriting determine a persons character by analyzing their handwriting.

Don’t underestimate the importance of good handwriting skills. The best age to teach good handwriting skills to your children is between 3 and 10. However dont make it a boring ritual. Practicing handwriting is hard work and can be quite boring for kids. Try to make it a fun exercise. Dont be too hard on them and go slow.

About the Author: Sandy Naidu runs the website – http://www.handwritingebooks.com/ On this site she sells uppercase and lowercase

handwriting sheets

. All the alphabets used on these

handwriting worksheets

are approved by education software cooperative. There are also numerous fine motor skill exercises.



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  • How Much Does A Bachelors Degree Cost?

    By Hannah Munson

    One of the difficult decision aspects is whether to attend or not to attend college is the cost of tuition. In spite of everything, they cant say that education is a saving for nothing. Whether you come to a decision to merit a degree such as bachelors, associate, masters, the cost is still on the high level compare to grocery shopping.

    Looking into the cost of a Bachelors Degree, the tuition is very expensive nowadays and we cant deny that. And also, you need to consider the food, room and board if you are living away from home. Also, the materials needed for the convenient of your studying.

    How much do you think this all cost? One of the go to resources for all college, the private university tuition ranged up to $26,273 annually and this is according to the College Board. A range of $7,020 cost for the public university tuition. A total of almost $100,000 for 4 years degree in a private university and less than $28,000 average for the public university.

    YouTube Preview Image

    An additional may occur if theres a change in major during a 4 year education, for you may needed to have an additional classes to finish your major. This will become an additional cost on the full year or semester to your college education.

    The fee of your degree may look so high, but there are means of funding your education through loans, grants and scholarships. By receiving a grant or scholarship, you are basically agreed to attend college with free money. With the loans, any private and governments funds to be repaid ahead the graduation. To receive the most scholarships and grants, you need to maintain a good academic record, write great essay and a need to participate in the extracurricular activities. You can find a lot of tips in the internet that can give you an idea on how you can earn money to help pay the cost of your education.

    You can also reduce the price of a bachelors degree by getting AP or some pre college courses that explained the college credits. There will be no charged for the credits and you can earn a lot on bachelors degree tuition by graduating a year earlier or in a semester.

    In going to college, you need to make a wise choice and can see if your degree is something you can afford to.

    There are so many factors to consider when thinking about getting one. All colleges arent created equal, so if youre thinking about getting one, what youre going to want to do is meet with an advisor at that particular school. He/she is going to tell you exactly what youre going to pay, and what youre going to get with your money.

    If you want to save, consider looking into items such as financial aid, grants and so much more. Its a great way to get free side money to help you with your education. Dont let anything stop you from furthering your education!

    About the Author:

    How much does a bachelor’s degree cost

    ? If you’re asking this, find out what others are paying at HowMuchIsIt.



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  • Enhance Cv With Master In Marketing}

    Submitted by: Marketing Pod

    Since the competition has been accelerated in the market, the demand of marketing expert has also increased. Seeing the demand of the professional marketer, numerous business colleges are mushrooming in different corners of the world to fill the designations of marketing professionals in various companies. Marketing has become one of most demanding, lucrative, and rewarding career of todays times. Considering the growth marketing career offers, more and more students are opting for masters in marketing course for themselves after graduation. The postgraduate course in marketing is those students who desire to get additional knowledge and information for business. The marketing course is all about the tactics and strategies a marketer uses to pursue prospective clients with the help of his personal strategies, advertisement, and public relations. For instance, a business course includes advanced marketing theories and strategic marketing and planning ideologies for specific business modules.

    To enrol for the marketing course, a student requires a bachelor degree; however, this can be in any discipline and does not necessarily have to be in business and marketing. Most of the people are opting for MBA in marketing course for advanced of their career. As per the current scenario, the competition for top positions and best jobs has become fierce than ever. Having a post graduation degree in marketing makes a CV of job candidate special and adds a great worth to it. To grow in a career it is important for a person to choose the right course himself. He should be cleared enough about what he wants to achieve after completing the course. Once the objective of doing the course has been set, then he must select the appropriate mode of doing the course. There are several colleges and universities offering regular, distance learning, and online course facilities for completing a range of degree, certification, diploma, courses.

    YouTube Preview Image

    A student must see the position and standard of an institute before enrolling for the course. There are colleges that offer seat in their university after completing bachelor degree, however the some institutes that demand two years job experience in order to take admission in master in business. A student can select from various interests such as financial management, hospitality and tourism, international management, logistics, marketing, business administration, technology management, information services, etc. to complete degree in masters in business administration. The course will not only give boost the rsum of a person but improve his managerial and leadership skills as well.

    Corporate life has become so fast that everyone wants to progress in fast manner, especially after the globalisation and advent of internet. To facilitate the requirement of individual regarding progress in corporate world, many online courses have been introduced by the colleges and universities of Ireland that help students as well as professionals to understand the complexities and requirement of management. To maintain with the pace of ever changing management environment in the company managers and executives enrol themselves for online management masters degree. The course not only helps to managers to understand their management in proper way, it also teaches how to implement plan strategically so that it can produce better result at the end.

    About the Author: The author is an experienced Content writer and publisher for Business Development. Visit at


    to know more about Masters in marketing, MBA, Master in business.



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  • 10 Tips To Write A College Level Essay

    By Felix Chesterfield

    1) Pick a good topic. The worst thing you can do when writing a college essay is to be lazy and pick a topic on a whim. Bad or uninteresting topics lead to bad and uninteresting papers. If it is not a topic that you, the writer, care about, how can you expect your reader to care?

    2) Focus on thesis. Every essay needs a thesis, which is a sentence that represents your main point (usually located in the first or second paragraph). What are you trying to say with your essay? Picking a good thesis is the hardest part of writing a college essay, but the good news is that everything is easier from that point forward. Every subsequent point flows from that thesis and should either support or provide a tangential anecdote to that main point.

    3) Outline your paper. Some authors can just sit down and write and let the story take them wherever. However, most writers do not function well in this fashion. Create an outline that will give your paper an overall direction, then all you have to do is begin filling in the gaps.

    YouTube Preview Image

    4) Use topic sentences. In an essay, there is no reason to surprise the reader. Topic sentences are like mini-theses. Topic sentences are where the first sentence in each primary paragraph serves as the main point that paragraph is going to prove. Using topic sentences help keep your essay organized.

    5) Quotes make the point. The readers (often your professors) are not going to be willing to take your word for many facts or points that present. Using quotes from other materials can go a long way to making your paper come across as more competent than your classmates.

    6) Pick relevant sources. Of course, random quotes do nothing to push your argument. You must pick quality and relevant sources to back your statements. That would be articles, papers, interviews, etc. from qualified individuals who would be in the know. Sorry students, that does not mean Wikipedia! But that does mean feel free to peruse Wikipedias sources for items you can vulture.

    7) Use citations. When you do quote, paraphrase, or offer any idea that is not your own, make sure to use proper citations. There are multiple ways to cite sources (MLA, Chicago style, et al). Make sure to ask your instructor which way they prefer.

    8) Use proper spelling and grammar. This should go without saying, but many would be shocked how many students turn in essays with simple errors in grammar and/or spelling. Spell check is a nice word processing feature, but do not depend on it to be the end-all-be-all.

    9) Proofread your paper. This is the best way to catch grammatical errors and also to make sure that your paper reads the way you want it to. If you proofread your paper with an open mind, 99% of the time you will find some things you can improve on after the fact. This is a good thing.

    10) Learn from your mistakes. The fact of the matter is that you will not always write the perfect essay. When you get your paper back, keep an open mind and find areas where you can improve. If youre not aiming to improve as a writer, whats the point?

    About the Author: Author Recommendations:

    SUNY article from NY Post College with No MCAT


    More essay advice at: collegeboard.com



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  • Wedding Reception 101: Creating the Ideal Seating Plan


    Anne White

    Much consideration is needed in choosing the right location for your wedding reception venue. However, less talk is given on the seating arrangement itself or if you should bother to have one in the first place. While the spotlight is on you on your wedding reception, you also have to keep in mind that your guests would feel comfortable. After all, you would want to share this joyous moment to guests who are not busy finding their place in the reception.

    Do you need a seating chart?

    Unless you are planning an intimate wedding where only your closest relatives and friends are invited, then a seating chart is an exaggeration. However, if you are holding a more elaborate wedding with over 50 guests, then the reception would be much more manageable to assign your guests to specific tables.

    The basics in seating arrangement

    Since the dawn of civilisation, the bridal table has always been in the front of the reception hall facing the guests. You and your hubby sit at the centre while the best man sits beside you and the maid of honour sits besides your groom. You will just then have to continue to alternate the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Both the bride and the grooms parents seat nearest to the bridal table, including the clergyman and other close relatives. Tables are usually seated alternating males and females. Couples should seat across each other in a long table or beside one another in a circular one.

    Should you feel that there is a better way to have all your guests seated more comfortably in your reception, by all means do so. After all these are just traditions and not rules that must be followed.

    Although you can freely decide about how you want your seating arrangements would be, you might want to avoid these common seating mistakes to avoid unnecessary commotions and problems in your reception:

    • If you cannot sit all your parents in one table, then do not by any means select who will sit with you. Ask the waiter to add another table to accommodate all your parents including stepparents.
    • Do not assign a person on a table where he may be left out of the conversations because he does not know a single soul there.
    • Do not try to play match maker with your single guests

    Making sure that all your guests are comfortable on your wedding reception is a top priority. So be sure to draft a seating plan to ensure a successful and enjoyable day.

    Should you need more help on planning for your wedding or if you still have to find the right venue for your wedding ceremony or reception, visit

    Wedding Venues in Adelaide Hills

    I am

    Anne White

    , a college professor and I am very detailed oriented that is why when my daughter got married I personally chose the wedding venue because I want everything to be perfect.

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