Interior Decorating Franchise Business Opportunity From Home To The Big Leagues?

By Dustin Heath Cannon

To work a business opportunity from home that has the potential to not only earn you enough money to meet all of your financial obligations but that might actually become something bigger is the dream of many a first time franchisee. The problem with franchises by and large is the fact that the initial investment is staggering, and more often than not you will need to furnish a storefront, hire employees, and get up to speed on inventories and other merchant duties before you even open your door to the general public. Even those who have the money to invest in a franchise of this kind hesitate simply because of the seemingly overwhelming tasks that must be braved right away. There is little time to get to know the business, get your feet wet, and gradually increase your comfort level.

Fortunately, this does not hold true of all franchises and if you are considering the step of searching for a business opportunity from home which has the potential to grow exponentially with your experience as well as your comfort level, interior decorating may be the way to go. The reason that this business opportunity lends itself to successful work from home practice as well as franchise potential rests solely in the fact that it relies heavily on the person to person contact that is generally made in the customer’s home; there you can shine and will quickly find out if you have what it takes to pursue this line of work.


To take your interior decorating franchise business opportunity from home to the big leagues, you will need to have an intuitive panache for colors, shapes, fashion trends, and the ability to make something beautiful out of something that might look a bit rough around the edges. Being stylish can be taught, but having an eye for color and the ability to pick out bits and pieces from a hodge podge of mismatched decorations and showing a client how to find better combinations and add certain fabrics or colors to make a room work is not something that can be taught. While product knowledge and understanding of interior decorating is easily retained through a few courses, the confidence to walk into a customer’s house and survey the area and then find a positive, upbeat, and respectful way to not only challenge the home owner’s decorating acumen but also move the customer to joyfully follow your suggestions and purchase products you suggest takes an authority that does not come from book learning.

If you have what it takes to become an interior decorating franchisee, there are a number of nationwide businesses that work with local franchisees to sell their products. Generally speaking, you will need about $50,000 in capital for start up costs as well as initial inventory maintenance. In addition to the foregoing, you will need to purchase or lease a commercial van or large SUV so that you can transport the displays to the customers’ homes. While these expenditures may seem prohibitive to the uninitiated, they are considerably less when compared to other franchise opportunities. Add to this the fact that you will not have to worry about the labor side of a franchise location or the legalities of obtaining licenses, permits, and inspections that many a facility oriented franchise business perforce requires, this business opportunity from home to big leagues is an easy transition indeed.

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