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Contemporary platform beds have a slatted top that supports the mattress usually a box spring model. They do not have posts like a canopy bed does, nor do they have footboards or headboards. This simple, elegant model of beds is preferred in many Asian countries and Western Europe. They provide a firmer sleep surface and are low slung. Most platform beds have storage spaces under them and hence preferred in small houses and apartments.

Since the slats of the platform beds provide the necessary support, all that is needed is a single mattress. Hence, it is a much more cost effective purchase rather than traditional four poster beds. You do not need to make additional purchases like bed skirts or canopy curtains. Platform beds can be custom made too to include wheels or other mechanisms. Most come with four solid wooden legs, while some models can rest on rectangular boxes. These boxes are usually slightly smaller in size than the mattress and can provide storage space.

Platform storage beds like these are extremely sought after because most people live in smallish homes and if there is a large family, then every extra drawer will have its use. These storage spaces can be used to house any number of items like:


Extra bedspreads and towels



Seasonal clothing like sweaters


Childrens toys




Wood is the common material used to manufacture platform beds. Hardwoods like palm, rubber wood and ramen from Asia are used for these bed frames. Harvesting these types of woods does not adversely affect the environment as these trees do not come under the endangered varieties. These types of hardwood are costlier than oak but are equally strong and long lasting. A lot of platform bed models reflect an Asian flair for clean, sleek and smooth lines. Some models can have a wide plank attached to the lip of the bed and which surrounds the mattress. This can serve as a nightstand thus eliminating the need for additional side table space.

Using a good platform bed plan will help you maximize space. Visit online websites some of them free that offer tips on how to organize space, design drawer space for storage beds, where to place a platform bed and such. How many drawers your storage bed has will really depend on where you place the bed. If the bed is positioned against one wall, then you can access only one side. If it is in the middle of the room then you can access both sides and therefore the number of drawers can increase.

Some homeowners may prefer not to have fixed drawers for their storage beds. By having independent drawers with wheels that can be slid in an out, your bed plans can be more versatile. If you start life in a very small apartment and the bed needs to be against a wall, then you can have one set of drawers. In case you move to a bigger apartment later, you can use the same platform bed and add an additional set of drawers if the bed can sit in the middle of the room in the new apartment.

One of the significant advantages of platform beds is that the style of the frame can be easily altered without the basic features changing. So a bed frame that started off as a platform bed can be changed into a canopy bed if four wooden posts are attached to the legs, curtain rods interlinking the four posts and suitable canopy curtains used along with bed skirts and such. Platform beds are also known as a captains bed since they were originally designed to be used in a ships cabin. Since the cabin has limited space, designers came up with the idea of a raised platform with storage space under.

Captains always go on long voyages and can store many personal items in these storage areas. A smart furniture maker decided to sell this concept to homeowners since population started to grow and living spaces started to reduce. Storage beds must be made from material that can repel pests and insects. There are many types of paints that can be used to keep out termites, cockroaches and rats. Use these in the storage compartments of your platform beds for they are dark areas seldom opened and with lots of stuff stored that provides an ideal breeding ground for household pests.

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