Maintaining Paper Cutters}

Maintaining Paper Cutters


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Utilizing paper cutters, your life will be easy. You do not need to worry that you will get difficulty when you want to make straight and equal cuts on a lot of paper sheets. Typically, this device consists of a metal table with a swinging blade that cuts the sheet.

However, if you have used the cutters many times, the table may be rusty and the blade may be dull. That is why, to keep this machine working effectively, you should pay attention to its maintenance.


To maintain the paper cutters, several things you should prepare are cloth, water, paper towel, replacement blade, and Rust-B-Gone. Of course, you cannot forget the instruction manual. The instruction manual will guide and help you to maintain the cutters appropriately.

For maintenance of this device, while cutting, you should only use clean paper. It is suggested for you not to use paper with wet ink or oozing glue. These items will cause your table to be rusty and the blade of your cutter will be dull. Also, you should avoid cutting stacks of paper that are too large. To know the stack height that this device can handle, you can find the information through the manual of instruction.

Then, every time you find the spills on this device, it is suggested for you to wipe it with a damp cloth. This is aimed to keep the machine still working appropriately.

You should also clean this device more carefully when it has started to be rusty. The rust will block up the ease of paper movement. Then, spray “Rust-B-Gone” on its surface to dissolve the rust. After that, you can wipe the residue away by using a paper towel.

Then, after each cleaning, you can wax the table of cutter by using a paste wax. Ensure the wax does not consist of a cleaning product or it possibly wear away at the table. Waxing will strengthen the surface and restrain the liquids from corroding the metal.

For complete maintenance of this device, once a year, it is recommended for you to sent your blades away to be sharpened by a professional sharpener. You could warp the blade if you try to sharpen your blade by yourself. That is why, it is prohibited for you to try to sharpen your blade by yourself. To find a professional sharpener and to get his service, just go to hardware stores.

You should also replace the blades that are warped or nicked. Related to the case, it is best for you to check the manual of instruction. Through the manual, you can ensure yourself that you have purchased the right model. In the manual, you will also find several instructions on the safe ways to remove and replace the blade.Large paper cutter

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Maintaining Paper Cutters