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The tongue is usually considered as the strongest muscle in our body.

The tongue is not just a muscle. The tongue is a sensory organ, as well. This means that- with the help of the tongue we can make out a range of senses. The tongue acts as a sense organ, by deciphering taste and temperature. The tongue is covered with taste buds. Each region of the tongue specialists in certain tastes.

The entire tongue assimilates the various flavors, and then transmits the message telling us what anything tastes like. Our tongues are highly sensitive to the smallest stimuli.

Our tongues are evolved to keep us away from poisonous food. By differentiating taste and flavor we can stay away from poisonous or bad food. If we cannot tell the taste we may end up eating something that is spoil t. Without being able to taste your food can be a curse.

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The diseases you may catch, from ingesting spoil t food, can be very dangerous. Our tongues may not be as sensitive as those of other creatures; but they are quite sensitive. The sensitivity is what helps us navigate the gastronomic world around us.

Some people have more sensitive taste buds than others. This means that, they can tell the difference between the minutest of tastes. Appealing and catering to such taste buds may be a problem.

Food is not for mere survival these days. Unlike our ancestors, we do not fight for food. As necessary as food is, it is found in abundance. Unless you are in an impoverished country or locality, food is generally in abundance. We no longer stand under the impending threat of starvation. The boon of plenty lets us broaden our scope and learn more. Food has now taken a very different turn, from basic necessity.

Food is now a form of art.

There is a huge difference between, making food for you and being a good cook. There is much science involved behind cooking. Gastronomy is a broad field. The gastronomic business is profitable. This is why we see there are so many restaurants and eateries hatching everywhere.

Apple bees restaurant is a chain of restaurants, which serve authentic homely food. At apple bee s restaurant you can have you favorite comfort food. The restaurant does not serve gourmet food. Yet the sheer quality, quantity and taste top any gourmet restaurant.

Since the food chain started off as a local neighborhood eatery, it still sticks to its roots. The food served is made from the heart. The hearty portions and nostalgic taste keeps you coming back for more.

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