Wedding Reception 101: Creating The Ideal Seating Plan

Wedding Reception 101: Creating the Ideal Seating Plan


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Much consideration is needed in choosing the right location for your wedding reception venue. However, less talk is given on the seating arrangement itself or if you should bother to have one in the first place. While the spotlight is on you on your wedding reception, you also have to keep in mind that your guests would feel comfortable. After all, you would want to share this joyous moment to guests who are not busy finding their place in the reception.

Do you need a seating chart?

Unless you are planning an intimate wedding where only your closest relatives and friends are invited, then a seating chart is an exaggeration. However, if you are holding a more elaborate wedding with over 50 guests, then the reception would be much more manageable to assign your guests to specific tables.

The basics in seating arrangement

Since the dawn of civilisation, the bridal table has always been in the front of the reception hall facing the guests. You and your hubby sit at the centre while the best man sits beside you and the maid of honour sits besides your groom. You will just then have to continue to alternate the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.


Both the bride and the grooms parents seat nearest to the bridal table, including the clergyman and other close relatives. Tables are usually seated alternating males and females. Couples should seat across each other in a long table or beside one another in a circular one.

Should you feel that there is a better way to have all your guests seated more comfortably in your reception, by all means do so. After all these are just traditions and not rules that must be followed.

Although you can freely decide about how you want your seating arrangements would be, you might want to avoid these common seating mistakes to avoid unnecessary commotions and problems in your reception:

  • If you cannot sit all your parents in one table, then do not by any means select who will sit with you. Ask the waiter to add another table to accommodate all your parents including stepparents.
  • Do not assign a person on a table where he may be left out of the conversations because he does not know a single soul there.
  • Do not try to play match maker with your single guests

Making sure that all your guests are comfortable on your wedding reception is a top priority. So be sure to draft a seating plan to ensure a successful and enjoyable day.

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