The Rome Bail Bondsman Service Is The Place Toi Get A Bail Bond Quickly

byAlma Abell

It helps to be released from jail quickly so you discuss your case with an attorney and you can be with your family while the charges against you are being processed. Bail will be set when you are arraigned, and it may help to have an attorney already retained so he can represent you at the bail hearing which happens quickly. Many attorneys are able to get the bail set at a lower amount than the prosecutor is asking for.


Of course, if bail is set you must post the total amount of the bail bond with the court, or have a bail bondsman do it. The bail bondsman will charge a fee which is established by Georgia law. Usually a co-signer is required to guarantee your appearance in court. The bail bondsman can act quickly to get the bail bond posted, but the fee for the bail bond must be paid before it is posted. Of course, you cannot leave the jail until the bail bond has been paid.

The amount of the bail bond is set by the court, usually by a magistrate or a judge. The prosecutor will ask for the amount of the bail bond, and the court officer has to approve it. The bail bond can be very high without an attorney present to argue for a lower amount.

The Rome Bail Bondsman Service is familiar with the bail bond requirements in Bartow and Calhoun counties in Georgia and some cities in Alabama. Each county has different procedures, but a bonding process has been established by to handle every process efficiently and with as little delay as possible. Of course, the amount of time before you are released is dependent on each jail’s processing procedures. An attorney might help expedite your release once the bail bond has been paid.

The bail bondsman offers payment plans to help with the payment of the bail bond. The preferred method is the PayPal system which transmits money 24 hours a day. There are other methods, but they will not secure the release of the person in jail nearly as fast. Of course, the bail bond fee can be paid in cash by a relative or a friend.