How To Safely Invest When You Have Credit Card Debt

By Dometri Quick

Worried about securing your financial freedom? Invest now — even if you have credit card debt.

Create a Plan for Yourself

Regardless of whether you have a ton of credit card debt or just a little, chances are you’re interested in investing in your financial future. Credit card debt can be a burden for the millions of Americans who invest money every year. But it doesn’t have to be.

The simple solution is to create a plan for yourself. Budget your monthly income and expenses out today and find out how much money you could be investing for yourself every year. It doesn’t have to be much. If you consistently set aside funds each month, your invested amount will multiply faster than you think.

Sure, you would probably prefer to invest as much as possible, but you need to create a plan that works for you. Sit down and figure out exactly how much you owe in credit card debt and how that will affect your plans to invest money elsewhere.


Never think that just because you have credit card debt, you cannot invest. Rather, it just requires a little more planning on your part to get the job done. Effective investing begins by getting in the habit of regularly setting aside money.

Don’t Neglect Your Debt

Before you invest a dime elsewhere, remember that credit card debt is something you cannot handle lightly. In fact, investing thousands of dollars may not help you at all if you’re hurting yourself with debt elsewhere.

Don’t forget about your debt. Be sure to make your monthly payments on time and leave yourself enough money every month to pay down your debt — not just make minimum payments. By doing so, you’ll be both investing in your future and investing in your present.

Credit card debt can be the source of many problems — ranging from the slight headache you may get every month worrying about your debt to more serious issues such as bankruptcy. Be careful not to overlook your debt at any time and stay on top of it every month. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to reap the benefits of your investments elsewhere.

Keep Your Priorities in Order

Aside from both your investments and your credit card debt, you need to make sure you budget enough money every month to live the way you deserve to live.

Remember, investing is important, but you shouldn’t place everyday necessities such as food, clothing and shelter below your investments or your debt. Find out how to balance all of your priorities in life. If you need help, consult a trained debt advisor. You can find many valuable resources online or just by asking your friends and family.

Why wait another day to begin creating your ideal financial future? For another perspective, speak with a financial advisor for more tips on creating a financial plan that allows you to invest, pay off your debt, and live a healthy and happy life.

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