Blue Light Acne Treatment: A Review}

Submitted by: Dr Tyng Tan

Acne is one of the skin conditions that can bring both social and emotional drawbacks. It can wreak so much havoc that it leads to a whole industry devoted to eliminating acne. From creams, cleansers, facial treatments, pills and then enter blue light treatment.

Blue light treatment is something that is not often seen on the mainstream acne solutions. But it is one that has many people talking because it has given those who have tried it a good run for their money.

So what can you really get with blue light shining on your skin? You might be surprised that it acts on the bacteria that are causing your acne. A mixture of sebum or oil, dirt and then bacteria which clogs the pores eventually leads to inflammation which then results to acne breakouts.

Although light may be the last thing that you would consider to be an acne treatment. But did you know that sunlight can help reduce acne with the antibacterial effects of the ultraviolet spectrum. Yes you may have heard of the destructive effects of UV rays that is why treatment should only be done in a limited time to prevent skin damage.


In a typical treatment which you get in a dermatologic clinic your skin is prepared and sometimes it is even applied with a sensitizer minutes before the procedure. Then blue light is positioned a couple of inches away from your face, usually with a strength of 320 J/cm2. Youll need a protective eyewear because the intensity of the light waves can damage your retina. But this much can already kill bacteria.

The blue light can activate porphyrin inside the acne-causing bacteria which is called Propionibacterium acnes. Once this happens oxygen is released inside the bacteria causing its death.

The entire treatment is said to be easy, painless and relaxing. It also takes a good 15 minutes to finish and usually needs 8 treatments only in a span of 4 weeks.

There are also blue light home treatments using pen-like devices for easy application that you have to use twice a day. For this kind it would often take 30 minutes to an hour of treatment, and you would also need eye protection.

However the downside to this is that severe acne lesions such as cysts or nodules often do not respond well with this treatment. As to its overall effectiveness the results often vary for each person. Some claim that they observe transient clearing and smoothening of the skin, while others experience a significant amount of improvement overall.

Another concern is that the results take some time to be fully appreciated. For hand held devices in particular it can be time consuming for a daily regimen, especially if acne is numerous and widespread all over the face.

But with little to no downtime, this treatment can be very promising with some reports even claiming that they are able to enjoy clear skin for months to years. However take note that results to blue light treatment are relative. But as an anti-acne treatment it does work.

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