By Adriana Noton

Now that your teen has graduated from high school, they are on a new journey to a higher education. This means that you will need to start preparing for their new life in the college dorms. It is helpful to write a list of the items they may need, so you will not forget anything. These are some items, such as lockers, that you want to consider for their dorm room.

Shower caddies and shower shoes will be some items your son or daughter will need, if their dorms have public restrooms. The last thing you want them to do is go into a shower that so many other students use barefoot. The shower caddy will make it easier to take all their shower supplies, such as soap, shampoo, and toothbrush into the shower stall with them.

The dorm rooms will already have a bed and mattress for your teen to use. They will need to bring their own linen and bedding supplies. You should check with the school to see what the mattress size is. Most schools have a long twin size mattress. These are a bit longer than the normal twin size mattress you use at home.

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A laundry basket or hamper will be needed in order to store all their dirty laundry. There are organized hampers that have 3 sections, to make it easier for your son or daughter. They can store their dirty whites in one hamper, while placing their towels and colored clothing in the other two. Once they are ready to wash, they simply remove each hamper and dump the clothes in the washer. It avoids them having to take some time to separate all of this clothes.

A refrigerator can also be purchased for your child. There are some mini size fridges that are designed for dorm rooms. This will allow your son or daughter to store some groceries, and drinks in there. Some refrigerators come with enough space to also purchase some microwavable foods in there. You must however, first check if the dorm main facility has a microwave in there for students to use.

If your child has many shoes, then you can purchase a shoe organizer. This will help them keep their shoes together. There are also storage drawers that you can purchase, in order to store other items your son or daughter has. Most dorms will already have a dresser and a desk for each student. Purchasing organizer drawers, will give them more room to store their belongings.

Other items your teen may need is electronics to stay entertained. A small television, and a DVD player can help them be entertained. A laptop will also help them do any assignments, or to type up any essays assigned by their instructors. An alarm clock is also a must in a college dorm, in order to help them wake up and make it to class on time.

Lockers are also great in order to keep their belongings organized. These come with a lock, in order to protect their belongings from visitors or even from their roommate. These are just some items you want to place on your shopping list, when getting your grad all the supplies they may need for their new journey in college.

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