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The success of your writing depends upon how strong and structured your sentences are. If it is written with clarity and meaning, it is more likely can stand alone without any redundant or unnecessary words attached.

With this kind of writing style, you can be so sure about the quality of your contents and how it will attract your readers attention in an instant. That is how powerful a sentence can be if it is written correctly and excellently.

However, when you tend to write poor sentences especially if your grammar is not that good, then you still have a long way to improve yourself and to be an expert in the field of writing. But dont fret, youll only have to know and follow some directions and important reminders on how to write better sentences with style and importance.

Just like any writers had encountered, it is very normal for most people to experience bad writing at first or even when you just completed your first draft. No one is perfect at all but it can be taken care of easily with constant practice and if you are armed with necessary information about how to write well.

Be also prepared about your grammar skills and how perfect your English language can be. It doesnt really matter whether you are familiar with exceptional English words with deeper meanings as long as you can write basic yet perfect English, then you are good to go. Its because you are writing for the benefit of your readers and not all of them do have the same comprehension.

When they find it hard to understand, then they will surely dump your writing that easily. But through a basic use of the language, and your writing style is able to create interesting point of views, then you will surely can provide topic sentences which keep your writing subject flowing.

Almost every reader will vote for clarity over style, so if you can get the former right, your writing is already decent. However, giving your work some amount of grace and elegance is one of the best ways to get readers to pay attention.

Here are a few ways to do that:

1. Place key words and phrases towards the end of sentences, making sure they create maximum impact.

2. Use punctuation to force pauses and build emphasis. Go beyond sentence terminators, incorporating dashes, colons, semicolons and ellipses into your sentences.

3. Vary your sentence structures to give your paragraphs a more vibrant energy, as well as to give due emphasis to important ideas.

4. Use sentence fragments as sentence for added emphasis. It also helps foster a more conversational style.

5. Use all four rhetorical sentence types: loose, periodic, balanced and antithetical, being careful not to use one in succession too many times.

6. Use short, impactful sentences when relaying important information.

7. Use repetition when it aids rhythm.

As weve said before, its important to strive for clarity before even considering style. Fortunately, most comprehensive writing software can do a healthy heaping of the load when it comes to making your work clearer and easier to read.

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