byAlma Abell

One of the most common outdoor sights during early spring and summer is that of a bee floating from flower to flower. For the most part, this benign servant of nature isn’t a problem because the bees are busy cross-pollinating plants. The problem arises when the bees get angry and begin to swarm. If the insect is far away from the home or garage, then removing them may not be a concern, but hives that grow close to the house will require expert Bee Removal in Gilbert.

Bee removal isn’t the same as killing the insect. This is because bees are very useful in nature. Instead, most bee control experts will suggest giving the bees to a farmer or other beekeeping facility so they can produce honey and wax. Bees like this are kept outdoors in easy to access hives. For the most part, the bee is docile and prefers to spend its time collecting pollen or producing food. The only really dangerous version of the bee are those that protect the nest from danger. Even then, these insects only have a single sting to do their job.

People tend to fear bees because of the unexpected sting and an unknown source of pain. However, there is one species of bees that everyone should learn about, the killer bee. This is a modern version of the honey bee with a serious attitude. Any perceived threat to the colony is met with immediate action. The problem arises when the killer bee releases pheromones to inform other bees that danger is near. The more pheromones in the air, the more dangerous this particular insect can be. Even skilled Bee Removal in Gilbert can have problems with this viscous insect.

Keeping a few bees in the yard shouldn’t cause a problem. Honey bees tend to avoid people as much as possible. Unfortunately, people often go out of their way to aggravate the hive or cause trouble. It is important to teach any children about the benefits of bees and that they shouldn’t fear them. To discover more information about bees and how to control them, contact the experts at Cummings Pest.