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Over the years Billing systems have made quite a reputation and not without a reason. With their high demand and mighty reputation, they are in a general considered as the foundations of businesses. In any or most industrial practices, the need for precise information is increasing and when it comes to satisfying clients growing demands regarding their transaction, it does not discriminate. An incorporated billing system can work wonders for any organization as it adds automation in the invoice management process.

Billing systems are the most widely recommended legal technologies, which the Corporate insight and merchants urge to utilize. Additionally, IPzen Legal billing systems provide its users with an array of tasks, ranging from identification of billing patterns, analysis of time and resource expenditures while acting as a lever to unify billing practices. It also makes use of tools that handle data mergers i.e., ensuring the data, which has been copied via different sources and application present the required results for the company. The use of billing systems adds to the efficiency of a firm enables it to gain a competitive edge and establish stronger bonds with their corporate clients.

In fact, implementing a billing system perfectly developed for the companies, the corporate clients and vendors objective can improve operations on all ends while adding value to the procedure. Billing systems envelop a number of functions performed including collection, mediation, the rating of data, and invoicing, making it nothing less than a trump card for organizations to use. The system navigations make the entire procedure look effortless as it directs users from availing services to the final invoice generated.

Why Use a Billing System?

Despite being a highly recommended practice, companies have managed to work without them, perhaps not as efficiently. The importance of using a billing system in businesses practices is too significant to simply be overlooked. Subscription-based companies and companies in the industrial sector know its true importance as its offerings leave no room for counter arguments.

Administrative control is just another luxury of using a billing system as it keeps the invoice process optimum and well managed.

Creating transparency between the organization & the customers.

Having a cloud-driven system easily supports services and bills on a recurring basis along with additional operations. Mainly being refunds, discounts, renewals, one-off transactions and free trials.

Providing a platform to integrate systems by connecting a set of complex systems.

Billing systems also manage cash flows more efficiently as compared to their non-automated counterparts. While contributing to the reduction of administrative overhead they provide superior functioning for the company.

Creating credibility as superior performance is included.

Additionally, the automation of the entire process also ensures a reduction in errors, automatically compiling costs and quotes then generating invoices.

Optimizing Operations & Simplifying Reporting

One of the key benefits of using a billing system is the optimization of operations. Clear and easy guidelines were set to understand audit trail, making assessment convenient, from lead generation until the final payment collection. Optimized operations make finding the desired results more efficient and convenient, all while being fast and painless. Addressing queries and related concern regarding the procedure becomes immediate and systematic.

Not only are they time efficient but billing systems make issues regarding customer care outdated. Moreover, the integrated solutions that have been providing help in creating logical, orderly and coherent all-encompassing reports. Custom dashboards can likewise be changed and presented as reports of profitable and frequent customers. Creating automated and scheduled reports removes manual labor from the equation, allowing companies to better allocate their resources.

Better Performance Benefits of IPzen Incorporated Billing System


In IPzen Legal you can generate an invoice incorporating all case activities with a click of the mouse and manage different invoicing profiles for each client. Easy to use interfaces and its natural outline will guarantee that the bills are prepared proficiently, lessen the staffs expectation to learn and adapt fundamentally and cut down on processing errors.

Accessing the System:

The primary advantage of IPzen Legal is the ability to access and view the invoice status online. IPzen Legal provides a level of access to both clients and their customers with a certain amount of rights. Since every change in the system is recorded, you can view all the changes made in the history tab. This can be accessed anywhere from the world.

Direct E-mail:

In IPzen Legal once the invoice is generated you can directly send it to the customer with one click. This makes the customer to review his bill and quickly answer their questions if they any issues with the bills for instant payment.

Automatic reminder:

The most important task in billing is getting a reminder to intimate the due date to the customer. These reminders make sure the company is paid on time. IPzen can accomplish this because you can create a deadline to remind the customers.

Faster Billing:

The benefit of IPzen is you can create an invoice in an instant at any moment it will automatically generate the invoice based on the datas included by the client.

Virtual System:

In IPzen Legal platform, all billings are done electronically, there is no need for paperwork and processing errors. This also eliminates the need for labor work because the entire process becomes virtual.

Cost Saving:

Using IPzen integrated billing system the company can reduce its paperwork and processing cost to zero.


Our platform is flexible and can be customized as per the clients requirements. This gives a superior performance and readily available information within a few clicks. In addition, this makes the system secure and control over operations performed.

The use of IPzen Legal can ensure that businesses entities perform up to their fullest potential enabling them with superior Incorporated Billing System offerings, qualifying them to optimize their operations to gain efficiency & higher-ranking performance along with a competitive edge.

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Free Market Capitalism Killed Our American Economy? A Ghost Story


Harry Harmon

Everywhere I turn, I see, read and hear how capitalism has destroyed the American economy. The political Left blames capitalism outright, while the political Right claims capitalism is the American ideal. The elitists in banking, government, academia and the media give lip-service to the idea of a free market, when they, in fact, have no use for it. The real purpose of claiming that free markets are the American ideal is to give the collectivist a scapegoat to blame for all their nefarious wealth redistribution programs. Too many of today’s activists have fallen for this intentional misdirection.

Blaming free market capitalism for our economic problems is accusing a ghost. It has been dead for a long time. It was first stabbed in the back in 1913 when the U.S. Congress passed the

Federal Reserve Act

and the

United States Revenue Act

(creating the IRS).

The Federal Reserve Act gave a private cartel of international bankers control over the very essence of a free market; our medium of exchange, our money. This put the free market into a death spiral. Now factor in the

YouTube Preview Image

Legal Tender Act

which prohibits any form of lawful money except the Federal Reserve Note. It is this Legal Tender Law that gives the Federal Reserve bankers their money monopoly. Without this law, individual enterprise could offer alternative commodity-backed money and compete with the FRB head to head. But honest competition is not what the elitist central planners want. Well, at least our new federal money still had some value. It was backed by gold, but not for long.

The Federal Reserve can control interest rates by expanding or contracting the quantity of money. It can control the financial markets with its “Open Market Operations.” It can create new money to increase its member’s bank reserves at any time. It can negotiate with foreign banks on monetary policies without congressional approval or knowledge. And it can do all of this with virtually no oversight by any elected representative of the people. Even the Government Accounting Office responsible for auditing all government agencies, has no auditing authority over the Federal Reserve, a private corporation not a government agency.

Without the ability to judge the cost of capital by the true market value of interest rates, determined by the availability of savings for investing and future consumption, no free market can correctly judge its financial health. These false signals along with government regulations are what create booms and busts in our economy, not free market actions. The Federal Reserve and the government manipulate the appearance of economic prosperity for personal and political gain and then blame free market capitalism when the inevitable adjustments occur (busts).

By creating the

Internal Revenue Service

(collection arm of the Federal Reserve), government makes the claim that our individual production, property and privacy no longer, in any real sense, belongs to us. Congress can change the tax rates and rules at any time, favoring some at the expense of others, and is about to do so again. This privilege of the central planners has driven many a productive individual to send their manufacturing and creative endeavors elsewhere. This put American free market capitalism on life support, still breathing, but barely.

In 1933, by

Executive Order of the President

(FDR), all Americans were required to surrender their gold to the government. This took away our right to trade in the most respected of all possible commodities used to secure value in our economic exchanges. Not only did government confiscate our gold, they also prohibited redemption of U.S. Dollars for gold by any American. Of course, the international bankers were still allowed to exchange dollars for gold. Now you know where our gold went. FDR pulled the plug on value-backed money for American enterprise, dooming free market capitalism to a slow and painful death.

In 1971, President Nixon reneged on the “Bretton Woods Accord” removing the international gold redemption for the U.S. dollar. Unfortunately, it was too late. It is probable that the international bankers already own most of what was our country’s gold. No longer would our dollars be backed by anything other than our central banker’s and government’s “Good Faith.” No free market can exist without the right to exchange productive value for productive value. In the years that followed, no longer constrained by a gold-backed dollar, big government warfare/welfare spending exploded.

What we have today is not free market capitalism, it is corporatism.


is a form of fascism, where big business and government work as partners at the expense of the productive class. We have the military/pharmaceutical/energy/media/industrial complex and the elitist central planners of big government ruling our country. We see a revolving door of big business CEO’s and bankers taking key government positions of power. They then move back into their private positions after accomplishing their goals of amassing great wealth for their friends and themselves. This is the outward signs of corporatism for everyone to see. But few are aware or care!

The change we were promised, if we would just vote for anyone except a Republican, is only a change in the national figurehead. Only in such an environment of big government and corporatism is greed truly rampant. Free market capitalism and the Rule of Law can not exist in the same society with either.

We who believe in free markets under the rule of law can not argue against a lie unless we first expose it for the lie it is. The free market died when our money became nothing more than the confiscation of our production. Tell America to stop dragging around the corpse of free market capitalism as its whipping boy. We should all have the decency to give the dead some respect for what might have been.

Rest In Peace, Free Market Capitalism!

Harry Harmon, Entrepreneur and Author of “Economic Vampires Parasites and Cannibals”, “What you are not supposed to know about Economics and Politics” available at Amazon.com

Website: economicvampires.com

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