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Backpacking in Australia Could Now be More Enjoyable with Newly Improved Hostel Accommodation


Meghnath Kumar

A backpacker may imply to an individual who goes backpacking either by traveling on land or through the wilderness. This individual uses only one kind of luggage, and that is only a backpack, a modern version of a rucksack, knapsack or a haversack.

A person, who goes backpacking basically, stays in a cheap and low-cost bed and breakfast accommodation. And, with the existence of these inexpensive hostels make all their backpacking expedition possible.

The description of a backpacker has progressed as traveler, hiker, hitchhiker or a tourist on a low-budget travel spanning from diverse cultures, regions and nations. Current studies reveal that, backpackers comprise a varied grouping with regards to the variety of basis and significance connected to their travel occurrences. They also show a shared obligation to a non-established kind of travel, which was focused to their self-classification as backpacker.

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Backpacking as a way of life and as a business venture has progressed significantly over the years. With the latest state-of-the-art technology on digital communication, low-cost and cheap hostel accommodation and low-cost budget airfare promotion on some airlines, carrying out and prolonging a long-term backpacking trip can now be made possible, easier and accessible than before.

The word youth is being referred to Youth Hostelling Association, Hostelling International or any authorizing institution. Self-sufficient hostels are not essentially associated with any of these national organizations. These non-HI hostels generally referred to as backpackers hostels . In contrast with a hotel chain where most of the things are regulated, these hostels can be very different, basically not obliging a membership.

As the hostel business progresses, self-sufficient hostels and HI hostels are turning into more alike, with the term backpackers similarly related to many Hostelling International hostels.

The overall backpacking group is not anymore wholly characterized by gap year student travelers and limited budgets. In an answer to request, in addition to the upsurge rivalry among the fast rising number of hostels, the sum total features of hostels has gone better over the years. On top of the rise in quality, new designs, types and variety have progressed and improved that have centered on the trend and interior designing.

The term boutique hostel is a frequently at random marketing word generally employed to define personal, lavish or peculiar hostel surroundings. The word is beginning to elude its significance since the amenities of several boutique hostels are frequently not diverse from hostels that are not mentioned to with that description. In addition, organizers and online reservation websites from time to time contain boutique hotels in the catalog of boutique hostels extra weakening any particular sense of the phrase.

Book a hostel anywhere across Australia would be the most practical and reasonable thing to do when planning for a backpacking trip to Australia. Australia has a variety of hostels to choose from, and all across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. These are cheap hostels with low-cost rates perfect for backpackers who are tight on a budget. It has practical and reasonable amenities ideal for any backpacker, traveler or tourist. Book a hostel now and explore Australia through backpacking, trekking and expedition either in the wild or through the beautiful picturesque beauty of the coast of Australia.



are not essentially associated with any of these national organizations. These non-HI hostels generally referred to as

backpackers hostels


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How Travel Related Businesses can benefit from BuddyTraveller.com


arvindHow Travel Related Businesses can benefit from BuddyTraveller.comIt’s pointless showing an advert presenting a trip to Bahamas because someone typed the word (Bahamas) on Google. For all you care, they might just want to know where it’s located on the map for knowledge sake.

Unlike advertising businesses in other industries: resorts, air ticketing agents, tour operators, restaurants, hotels, and other travel related businesses cannot begin to target ads at everybody and anybody, anywhere in the world, because it would end up a futile effort, unprofitable, and sometimes depressing for owners of such businesses.

As most travelers need to have few things sorted out, which varies for everyone, but these two are paramount and cuts across the board for every traveler: Time and Money.

The time of the year and availability of funds to take on the desired trip makes it harder for travel related businesses, to target their potential customers in a profitable manner.

But all that is changing with the advent of www.BuddyTraveller.com , which is a social network for travelers. Here travelers hang out and connect with each other.

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Since everyone on the website is a traveler, it is a big life saver for marketers of travel related businesses, and they will be more receptive to travel related offers when it’s presented to them.

Here’s how to go about marketing your travel related business to travelers on BuddyTraveller.com.

As a Travel Agent :

With a booming community of travelers, all you need to do, as a travel agent is to register on the website BuddyTraveller.com , make friends with people in there, and introduce your business offering to them.

Since the site has lots of travelers already, you would be seeing huge response rate at once. Speak of a square peg in a square hole; it fits perfectly as if they were made for each other!

As a Tour Operator :

Tour operators can easily benefit from this growing platform, as travelers on the platform would be eager to make friends with them, to know what their tour entails.

As a tour operator, all you need do is to open an account on the website BuddyTraveller.com , make friends with travelers on the platform, and let them know about your tour business.

Restaurant owners :

Travelers obviously, would love to try out new dishes when they find themselves in new environmentsnot just new dishes though, but food generally, would be appealing to any traveler.

BuddyTraveller offers restaurant owners an opportunity to mingle with a set of potential customers. Restaurants that want to take advantage of this platform should create a profile on the website, fill out their necessary details, and begin to make friends with travelers on the platform. Those friends are likely to come visiting whenever they’re in your city.

Hotels, Air ticketing agents, resorts and other travel related businesses not mentioned above can also take advantage of this growing community of travelers. Such businesses only need to open an account on with BuddyTraveller.com , connect with users on the platform, and then introduce their businesses to them.

Let’s get one thing clear. www.BuddyTraveller.com only allows travel related businesses to setup accounts to interact with its community members. Aside from accounts opened by individual travelers, unrelated businesses would be turned down right at the gate.

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by finding a

Free Stay

I also write blogs about travel experiences and best places to travel to.

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Dsa Theory Test Online

DSA Theory Test Online



Theory Direct are here to help you book and pass your driving theory test. We have a dedicated online booking system allowing you to book your car or motorcycle theory test quickly and simply.

Theory Direct have direct access to over 160 DSA Driving Theory Test Centers throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Book with us and you will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the time and location of your test along with the documents you need to take and access to our unique online training website.

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Our online training website contains two current driving theory tests as well as video walkthroughs for arriving for your test, taking the multiple choice exam, taking the hazard perception test and a downloadable guide to the Highway Code.

Mock Theory Tests

Theory Direct have direct access to a selection of the actual questions that you will be asked on the day of your driving theory test.

The mock theory test is timed, just as it will be on the day of your real test and consists of multiple choice questions based on the Highway Code. We provide a comprehensive guide to the Highway Code which you can download from our training assistance website – it includes visual aids on areas such as road markings, road positioning, traffic signs and lights to help with your mock and real theory test.

Theory Test Online

Booking your driving theory test with Theory Direct couldn’t be easier

Theory Direct provide one of the most comprehensive booking and support services available to DSA Theory Test Candidates. We offer a seamless booking process, one form which takes seconds to complete, in addition to a fast and secure online payment system.

Following receipt of your details you will be allocated a personal contact within the Theory Direct team. Our advisor will be there for you throughout your booking and learning process. Should you have any questions regarding how or where to look for the resources you need or require any additional information regarding your test, your advisor will respond promptly. Once payment is received you will be given access to our Training Hub. Theory Direct are continually updating and improving our information, in order to provide you with the most comprehensive and up to date learning resource for the DSA Driving Theory Test.


Theory Direct

are here to help you book and pass your driving theory test. We have a dedicated online booking system allowing you to book your car or motorcycle theory test quickly and simply.

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